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The following books are currently in print.

  • NEW EDITION: Leisure, Sport and Tourism, Politics, Policy and Planning, E3 - A. J. Veal, 2010 Details ..
  • Australian Leisure, E3 - Rob Lynch and A. J. Veal, 2006 Details ..
  • The Olympic Games; A Social Science Perspective, E2 - K. Toohey and A. J. Veal, 2007 Details..
  • NEW EDITION: Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism, E4 - A. J. Veal, 2011 Details ..
  • Free Time & Leisure: International Perspectives, E2 - Ed. by G. Cushman, A. J. Veal & J. Zuzanek, 2005 Details ..
  • Work and Leisure - Ed. by J. T. Haworth and A. J. Veal, 2004 Details ...
  • Handbook of Leisure Studies - Ed. by C. Rojek, S. Shaw and A. J. Veal, 2006 Details .. 
  • Leisure and the Future - A. J. Veal, 1987 Details ..
  • Business Research Methods, E2 - A. J. Veal, 2005 Details ..


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