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The U-Plan project was established to review and evaluate current leisure planning methodologies and to develop an alternative approach. The outcomes of the project are a series of on-line working papers on the UTS web-site in the School of Leisure Sport and Tourism Working Paper series. New editions of the papers are uploaded from time to time. Comments and suggestions on the papers, particularly from practitioners seeking to implement all or part of the methodology, would be welcome via: Tony.Veal@uts.edu.au.

The name 'U-Plan' reflects the idea that 'you', the agency, should plan for leisure, rather than looking to external authorities to provide the basis, as happened in the era of fixed planning standards. The U also reflects the origins of the methodology in UTS.

The current list of available and planned project papers is as follows.

Project Paper 1: Open Space Planning Standards in Australia: in Search of Origins:  Explores the origins of open space and other fixed leisure facility planning standards to clarify their basis and origins and to provide support for the views of numerous academic and policy documents and planning guidelines, and the principle adopted in this project, that such standards should be replaced with alternative approaches. (22 pp, 0.2mb) Updated Sept 2009 to include evaluation of latest Fields in Trust (NPFA) standard.

Project Paper 2: Alternatives to Standards: A Review of Leisure Planning Guidelines: Examines over 40 existing official, professional and academic leisure planning guidelines, published between 1968 and 2008 in Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada and New Zealand, and evaluates their content. (90 pp, 1.0mb) Updated Sept 2009: now covers 50 sets of guidelines.

Project Paper 3:  Leisure Wants, Needs, Obligations, Participation, Demand, Benefits, Preferences, Opportunities, Rights and Other Concepts: Explores a range of key concepts which have played varying roles in leisure planning processes to date and seeks to clarify definitions and potential uses. Three of the concepts requiring more lengthy treatment are discussed in separate project papers (4-6) and the conclusions from those papers are reproduced here. The ‘other’ concepts considered are: collective consumption, constraints and inclusion/exclusion. Forthcoming

Project Paper 4:  Leisure and the Concept of Need: Examines the many conceptualisations of the concept of need from the academic and policy literature and considers their relevance for leisure planning. (112 pp. 0.9mb)

Project Paper 5: Leisure and the Concept of Demand: Examines the economic concept of demand and its critics and considers the implications for leisure planning. Forthcoming

Project Paper 6:  Leisure and Benefits: Examines the concept of ‘benefits’ from three perspectives: economics, the Net Benefits Approach to Leisure (NBAL) and performance evaluation-related approaches, and considers the practical implications for leisure planning methodology. (62 pp, 0.6mb) Updated Sept 2009: discussion of 'benefits approach' now based on 2005/2006 books

Project Paper 7: Planning for Leisure: Approaches and models: Draws together the results of Project Papers 1-6; evaluates six alternative approaches to leisure planning, and presents a case for a model focussed on participation. New paper added Sept 2009.

Project Paper 8: U-Plan: A Participation-based Approach to Planning for Leisure: This paper is the culmination of the previous seven project papers. It presents an alternative approach to planning for leisure based on the concept of participation. Draft for comment now on-line - Sept 2009 version.

Project Paper 9: U-Plan Focus Modules: Contains details of nine modules which suppport the U-Plan systems outloned in PP8. Forthcomng

Project Paper 10: Leisure Needs Studies: A Review:
A review and evaluation of a sample of Australian and British leisure needs studies and plans and cultural plans conducted at local government level. Forthcoming

Project Paper 11: Need, Social Need and Leisure: a Bibliography
A bibliography on leisure and need, including over 200 references. Forthcoming

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