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The Elusive Leisure Society: 4th edition, Sept 2009, A review of the history of the concept of the 'leisure society' in history and in contemporary writing and its relationship to the study of leisure.

Lifestyle and Leisure: 2000, a review of the uses of the term 'lifestyle' in the research literature, and its relationship to leisure. Includes an extensive annotated bibliography

Sport for All and Major Sporting Events: 2008: examines the effect of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the 2003 Rugy World Cup and the 2006 Commonwealth Games on grassroots sporting participation in Australia

Urban Parks and Open Space Planning and Management: A Bibliography. 2009: a bibliography of almost 300 items

Leisure and The Spirit Level: PowerPoint file of a presentation at the 2010 LSA conference

International Sport: supplementary data/analysis related to Gratton, Rowe and Veal (2011): International comparisons of sport participation in European countries

Additional papers to be added.

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